Level 2

Eucharistic Presence : Includes plain round base, altar table and priest figurine. Unpainted $40.

Eucharistic Presence International Figurine set: Set of 11 figures. Unpainted $50. Painted $100

Found Coin Set: Includes house, table, 3 figurines. Unpainted $100. Varnished & Painted $140

Good Samaritan Set: Includes inn, road, 7 pieces figurines, signpost. Unvarnished : $100. Varnished & painted $170.

Merchant’s House for the Pearl of Great Price : Includes house, merchant figurine, table. Unvarnished $70. Varnished add $30.

Fettucia: Includes box with lid, winder, 3-pcs arrow signs, 4-pcs book tablets. Unvarnished $170. Varnished add $40.

Bible Bookcase Set: Includes 57-pieces bible books, cabinet, cabinet-stand. Unvarnished $140. Varnished cabinet and stand add $40.

Insistent Friend Set: Includes house and 4 figurines. Unvarnished $100. Varnished and painted $140.

Pharisee & Tax Collector Set: Includes temple and 2 figures. Unvarnished $70. Varnished & painted $110.

City of Jerusalem Set: Complete with 17-pcs city walls, temple, Antonio’s tower, Herod’s Palace, House of Caiaphas, Cenacle, Siloam Pool, Sheep’s Pool, steps, Cross, trees, and 2 bases. Unvarnished $200.

Maxims (Moral formation): Includes cabinet and 14 tablets. Unvarnished $140. Varnished $170.

Perousia Symbols Set: Cross & World. Unvarnished $20. Varnished $30.


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